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Hello and Welcome to Herbalab Products

Herbalab Products is family owned and operated business since 1958. We provide Homeopathic and Ayurvedic herbal products that assists in the relief of a variety of conditions such as: Asthma, Diabetes, Psoriasis, and many more conditions.

From our very first day, we have considered each and every one of our clients not only as a customer, but as part of our family, and have made every effort to better their health through our products. Amborum Special F, DiabeTea, and much more which have helped countless satisfied customers throughout the world.

Even at a young age, Dr. P.M. Sarathchandra wanted to help those who suffered from Asthma, like his own father. Dr. P.M. Sarathchandra was the son of a modest farmer in Sri Lanka. He had a passion for medicine and helping others. He put himself through medical school in India and eventually expanded his knowledge to include Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, and traditional herbal remedies. He used this knowledge to form unique, all natural, herbal formulas and founded Herbalab Products.

When Herbalab Products first started, it was first sold only in Sri Lanka.  Soon many tourist who came to explore this tiny tropical country, heard about Herbalab Products and tried our remedies.  These tourists took our products back to their home country(s).  This is how Herbalab Products became an international company… though word of mouth from our customers who were impressed with the results of our products.  To this day, word of mouth and customer satisfaction is our main source of “advertising” and company growth.  Ask yourself this question, if our products weren’t effective, how could we have stayed in business for over 50 years?

Through this site, you can learn more about the types of products we offer and what their suggested uses are. Such as; Amborum Special F, which helps relieve symptoms of asthma and hay fever; DiabeTea offers relief from diabetes mellitus, and/or sugar in the blood; Skinosa for itchy, scaly, overly dry, or overly oily skin, psoriasis, and more. Glance through the list of our products and learn which ones may assist you.

Best of health to you and your family.Sincerely,
Dr. V.K. Sarathchandra

Herbal Products

Helps relieve the symptoms of; Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Allergies, and other Bronchial related problems. May include difficulty in breathing, coughing, sneezing, watery and/or cratchy eyes, wheezing, and nasal congestion.

Homeopathic & Ayurvedic Herbal Products 
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